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Be Careful of Your Words!

Sep 16, 2018 | 0 comments

A friend of mine once told me that I had typed the word “sex” instead of “six” in one of my blog posts. I had a good laugh over his comment about keeping my posts G rated, but it got me thinking.


Both my husband and I had proof read the blog post, but we failed to catch that mistake. I’ve heard that the brain often sees what it anticipates, rather than what’s actually there. I remember taking an on-line test proving that I could figure out what was being said despite many missing or incorrect letters.


Habits often put our brains into auto-pilot and we may not perceive how our words or actions come across to others. Just as one little letter changed the meaning of my paragraph, so one little word or action can affect the course of a conversation. Sometimes mere inflection can change the meaning. For example: “Will you please help me with this?” (a humble request). “Will you please help me with this!” (an annoyed, frustrated demand).


Published writers have editors for good reasons. Do we have trustworthy editors who will let us know when we don’t come across lovingly? Do we humbly listen to them and make corrections?


I’m so thankful for honest friends who lovingly bring my mistakes to my attention! I pray that I’ll always listen with a humble heart and make the necessary adjustments.




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