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Poetry: Life

#1-16 are up-beat, light

#17-22 are bitter sweet

#23-39 are the heavier side of life

#40-41 are again up-beat and hopeful


1) fireflies captured

in a child’s jar: reluctant



2) Tiny green spider

in my colorful bouquet,

I meant to leave you


3) Bugs, varied in size,

intrude on my heaven

with their vicious bites.


4) Chilling winter winds

frost the barren land and bring

relief from the fleas


5) Night surrounds the child,

his face reflecting the glow

of the sparkler’s light.


6) Greening grass soaks up

the muddied snow. Spring whispers

and pulses quicken.


7) Rainy day people’s

brightly colored umbrellas:

blazing autumn leaves


8) Place your hand in mine

child, and know that unicorns

are still possible


9) A single dew drop

teeming with its life

while mirroring ours


10) Friendship

Silence: the rainstorm

pauses: Two silver dewdrops

pierce the charcoal skies


11) The tender arms

of a loving mother;

like a hen

gathering her chicks

under her wings.


12) Tender sunshine

blankets our sleeping child.

His whisper-soft breaths

mingle with the breeze.


13) The infant’s fitful


with tender kisses


14) Gentle lantern light

dancing with shadows, touching

lovers tenderly


15) Tender thoughts of you:

a bed of sun-kissed petals

and whispering leaves


16) father and his son:

tall sturdy oak; young sapling

bending in the breeze


17) Our adopted child:

the blessed pearl in a life

filled with empty shells


18) The creak of rusty

bed-springs harmonizes with

the chirping crickets


19) Sparkling mountain brook

trickling replenishing life

into village dumps


20) One long stemmed red rose

in a crystal vase; yellow

daisies in the slum


21) Tattered butterfly

alights on a thread bare sleeve

of a frail, old man


22) The beggar woman

accepting the child’s flower

gives one in return


23) Humbled

Someone hurled a stone

shattering the silent pond,

my image broken


24) One word sings in my

heart. Another pierces it.

Both are immortal.


25) Brilliant shooting star:

overwhelmed by its beauty

I forget its death


26) Cold, misty morning

the tide’s fingers encircle

sand castle ruins


27) For my birthday, not

even a used candle or

a garden flower


28) Watery ripples

encircle our reflections.

We think of our son.


29) broken windows, weeds

chin high, empty rocking chair

creaking in the wind


30) Tin soldiers rusting

in the tall grass. Paper dolls

blowing in the wind.


31) My heart skips a beat

I thought I heard the whistling

of my dead father


32) dainty figurines

once so carefully dusted

now stand in cobwebs


33) forgotten athlete

passes the unmarked grave of

a man now famous


34) faded photographs

stir the old man’s memories

his eyes and pants wet


35) Bright colored flowers

parade over forgotten

ancient battlefields


36) Elusive mirage

white, parched skeletons surround

the false oasis


37) I watch the icebergs

so like his father, showing

only the surface


38) Wishing for a friend

I hear the empty echo

of my penny’s splash


39) The clock’s tick echoes

through the vast, empty chambers

of my darkened soul.


*40) Husband, father, friend

bountiful as his garden

is his endless love


*41) a quilted blanket

wrapped about me this wintry

night: my father’s love