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Poetry: Moments in Nature

1) Prisms of Jack Frost

send winter rainbows dancing

among trees and reeds


2) Golden evening rays:

like giant fireflies dancing

among the lacy pines


3) Warm, golden sunbeams

dance on high mountain tops and

sparkle on the sea


4) A snowy landscape

silent, on a barren branch

one male cardinal


5) Small, determined ant

struggling with its giant load

up the fallen trunk


6) One thin, golden ray

pierces the veil of blackness

on the stormy sea


7) Tireless, drifting sands

exposing some secrets while

covering others


8) Spider

Relentless weaver:

forever repairing that

which its prey destroyed


9) One silver flower

spotlighted in the darkness

by a thin moonbeam


10) Gulping greedily

insatiable deserts

devour the rain


11) Amid the charred forest

a budding fern at the base

of a hollowed pine


12) Bright orange ladybug

spots the white lily petal

in the emerald pond


13) Blue Heron on the Lake

Majestic gray fowl

heavy wings slicing the air

deep, echoing cry


14) Blue Heron in our Fish Pond

Wily predator

stalking our beautiful fish

Leave us, Blue Heron!