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Poetry Section: Introduction

In our fast paced world, we need reminders to slow down and “smell the roses,” as some say. I have included some of my poetry as little snapshots of life. It is my hope that you’ll read them slowly, stopping at each one to envision the scene or ponder the meaning.

The “Moments in Nature” section is just that. No deep meanings. Just look at them as you might a photo, for pure enjoyment.

The “Life” section goes a little deeper. Ponder the meanings and reflect. This section has been divided as follows: #1-16 are up-beat, light; #17-22 are bitter sweet; #23-39 reflect the “heavier” side of life; #40-41 are again up-beat and hopeful. If any are unnumbered, they have not been categorized.

The “Spiritual” section expresses my love for the Lord.

May we all learn to slow down now and then and just enjoy, and learn from, our surroundings.

God bless you!

Jorja Stewart