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Have you ever felt overwhelmed in your role of being a good wife and mother?

Jorja offers practical wisdom shared with humor and relatable stories.

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About Jorja Stewart

Jorja Stewart and her husband Tom were married in 1972. They reside in southern California and enjoy spending time with their 3 adult children, 2 sons-in law, and a growing number of grandchildren.

They fill their “empty nest” by hosting missionaries and other visitors.

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Does Your Spouse Know How You Feel?

In sharing an idea, have you ever made the mistake of not telling your spouse how you felt about the idea? I have. One day, when our children were in elementary school, our church announced at a women's Bible study that there were children in Russia who needed homes....

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Why Serve And Give As A Family?

Would you like your children to become responsible citizens and caring people? One way to foster that is to get them involved in giving of their time and resources. Our family kept a jar that we all put money into during the year and then we'd decide how to use it to...

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