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The Invisible Enemy

Posted 2020. As the Coronavirus lingers and the weather gets warmer, people are, understandably, getting increasingly restless. My heart goes out to people at every level: families in small apartments or with young children, all those serving on the front lines, those who can't visit their loved...

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Don’t Compare or Judge

In 1995, our family went to see the movie, "The Lion King." We had various reactions to certain parts of the movie. One child was frightened by certain scenes and chose to leave. I was also bothered by those scenes and left with her. When we came back for the rest of the family, I asked what they...

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Compassionate Joy

This past year (2019),  Tom and I have had the privilege of hosting a 19-year-old German missionary, Michelle. She has been a beautiful role model in compassionate joy. One small way this was in evidence was during our Skip Bo card games. Instead of being competitive, she truly didn't care if she...

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Distractions and Insensitivity

Being focused on a problem can cause us to be insensitive. In 2019, I fell into this trap. My husband and I had two of our grandchildren (ages 6 and 5) over for a few days. On their final day, the kids and I ran a few errands together. (Tom was away at a conference with our son, that day.) Our...

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Kindness May Appear Unkind

Sometimes kindness means not giving a person what they're asking for, and that may appear as unkind to them. When a parent says no to a child's request, the parent may be acting in the child's best interest, but the child may not be able to see that at the time. When God says no to us, it may...

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The Proper Attitude

"Do everything without complaining or arguing..." (Philippians 2:14, NIV.) He "...takes a genuine interest in your welfare." (Philippians 2:20, NIV) (The emphasis is mine.) What a glorious world this would be if everyone lived like this! I am well aware of how my self-indulgent, self-focused...

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Interject Only When Necessary (Love is not Rude)

One evening, I was working at the desk while my husband and another man were talking nearby. At one point, I thought my husband said something that wasn't quite accurate, and I corrected him. (Actually, I just heard him wrong.) He said, "You're eavesdropping" and I said, "I'll shut up," and I did,...

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Discern When To Voice Our Insecurities

One attribute of love is being considerate of others, even in the midst of our own insecurities.   There are times when it's appropriate to share our insecurities with someone, but there are also times when it is best to keep our thoughts to ourselves. Here is an example of when it's best to...

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Failing to Forgive is Unloving

Failing to forgive someone is very unloving. Forgiving someone who has hurt or offended us is sometimes difficult, and it doesn't always feel good. When Jesus said, "...Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing" (Luke 23:34, NIV), as he hung on the cross, I'm sure it didn't...

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A Self-Centered Attitude Lacks Compassion

One night, as my husband was relaxing on the couch, my frustrated mutterings about the computer disturbed his tranquility. He spoke up and I decided to put the computer away. I surrendered my frustration and disappointment to the Lord and started humming praise songs. Tom, however, was having...

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