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Why Serve And Give As A Family?

Would you like your children to become responsible citizens and caring people? One way to foster that is to get them involved in giving of their time and resources. Our family kept a jar that we all put money into during the year and then we'd decide how to use it to help someone at Christmas. We...

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Are You “Showing Off” Your Children?

It's great to think our children are wonderful, but we need to be careful not to try to show them off. I'll share two mistakes I made in this area when our children were in elementary school. When our daughter, Kristy, was in kindergarten, she played a piano piece in a try out for the school...

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How Are You Handling Your Child’s Complaints?

What do you do when your child complains to you about your spouse? I will not be addressing serious issues, like abuse. I'm referring to more ordinary complaints. For example, my son Shon and my husband have always enjoyed listening to a variety of music together. When Shon was about 11 years old,...

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Are You United in Parental Decisions?

Do you know why it's important for parents to be united in how they deal with their children? I'll address that in this blog post. When you disagree with how your spouse is handling a situation with your children, keep quiet in the moment and then privately discuss with your spouse how you felt...

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Are Clear Boundaries Necessary?

In this blog post, I'll be discussing the importance of setting clear boundaries for our children. One day, when our daughter was about 6 years old, she was upset with me and started yelling a lot of mean things. I told her to stay in her room until she calmed down, but she continued to scream. My...

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Are You Hindering Or Helping Your Child?

One day a female duck and her six ducklings visited our pool. As I watched them, it appeared that the babies were unable to get out of the pool. My husband raised the level of the water and we placed an upside-down pan on the top step to give them a boost. Some of the babies did figure out how to...

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Practiced Spontaneous Unity

Normally, we don't think of practice and spontaneity as going together, but in the world of parenting, they do. We need to learn how to handle spontaneous decisions. Let me share two examples. (1) Imagine that a couple is in a room with their young children and some other adults. One of their...

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Helping Children Keep Commitments

When my husband and I were raising our children, we had to learn how to balance a respect for their feelings with the need to teach them the importance of keeping commitments. This was a learning process for us. Our children loved to sign up for extracurricular activities, but once they lost...

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Parent Vs. Child Responsibility

God calls us to raise our children knowing Him and His standards of right and wrong. He also calls us to model good behavior (including confessing our mistakes, asking for forgiveness when we offend people, etc.) and He expects us to discipline our children, teaching them that there are...

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Keep Letting Go

I once ran across a cartoon by Randy Glasbergen that spoke volumes to me. Two little boys were standing together, face to face. One was listening and the other was speaking. The caption read: "My Sunday School teacher said I should follow Jesus, but I'm not allowed to leave the yard." How are we...

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