My Gentle Leader

Tom and I have been married since 1972, and we've been Christians since 1983. We have both grown in the area of communicating with respect and sensitivity. I want to share an example of my husband being a good listener and leader. I had a desire on my heart that I...

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The Finch (God’s Faithfulness)

One day, when my husband took the mail out, a finch flew into our house. Tom lost sight of it, so we began the search throughout the house. Finally, Tom spotted the bird frantically trying to fly through the skylight in our vaulted ceiling. We opened the back door,...

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The Invisible Enemy

Posted 2020. As the Coronavirus lingers and the weather gets warmer, people are, understandably, getting increasingly restless. My heart goes out to people at every level: families in small apartments or with young children, all those serving on the front lines, those...

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Peace Through Surrender

In September of 2019, Tom and I booked a trip for May of 2020 to the beautiful islands of Bora Bora and Moorea in French Polynesia. On April 2nd, 2020, we made the decision to cancel that trip, due to the coronavirus pandemic. When my husband canceled our...

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The Frog Story as told by Rick Warren

I thought the following was worth sharing (although I didn't write it): Rick Warren: As a child, I remember reading a story that went something like this: A group of 12 frogs were traveling together through a forest when two of them fell into a very deep, dark pit....

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A Miracle Wedding

In 2017, Kat, a young woman from Germany, came to live with us. She was part of a team of young foreign missionaries who came to our church to work with our youth program and public high school students, as well as serving in our church. Kat remained (usually they...

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A Man Named Nathanael

Someone once sent me an article about a certain controversial government leader. As I read it, what came to mind was nothing directly related to that particular person. Instead, I thought of a man in the Bible named Nathanael. Nathanael's friend, Philip, came to him...

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The Subtleties of Taking Control

The Lord periodically reminds me that I need to beware of trying to take control when I shouldn't. It happens so subtly. Even though God has given me a helpful way to discern when I'm overstepping my bounds (see my article, "Communication: God's Role & My Role" in...

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Helping Children Keep Commitments

When my husband and I were raising our children, we had to learn how to balance a respect for their feelings with the need to teach them the importance of keeping commitments. This was a learning process for us. Our children loved to sign up for extracurricular...

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Focused Prayer

I don't know about you, but I have often found that distracting thoughts bombard my mind when I'm praying. I'm going to share some things I do that help me to stay focused. Perhaps some of these ideas will help you. I ask God to protect me from demonic influence and...

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