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A Miracle Wedding


In 2017, Kat, a young woman from Germany, came to live with us. She was part of a team of young foreign missionaries who came to our church to work with our youth program and public high school students, as well as serving in our church. Kat remained (usually they only serve for one year) and we then hosted both Kat and Cainan (from Brazil). The next year, we hosted Kat and Michelle (from Germany). Over those three years, there were other team members from various countries who were hosted in other homes.

Meanwhile, Kat met Chris at our church and they ended up becoming engaged. A large wedding and reception were planned for March 21st and a number of the past missionaries flew out for the event. Michelle, Cainan, and Kat’s brother (from Bolivia) stayed in our home. Kat was still living here.

On March 16th, Chris had a strong impression that the wedding date should be moved to March 17th. Less than 24 hours later, 25 people attended a lovely wedding and reception in our yard and home. A friend loaned us tables and chairs and her husband (with about two hours of notice) played the keyboard. Chris’ parents provided the dinner through the restaurant that they had originally booked to cater the event. (Chris’ father picked up the food). In a week of intermittent rain, we had a beautiful day. Kat and Chris were also able to change their hotel room date, so they still got a night away.

Near the end of the night, we learned that our state would now be restricting social gatherings to ten people or less. Soon, we would be encouraged to self-isolate as much as possible.

As countries were closing their borders and flights were being canceled, we prayed and worked together to rearrange flights and provide transportation for the foreign guests. Thankfully, everyone made it safely back to their countries.

This wedding was a demonstration of God’s faithfulness and what can be accomplished when people act decisively and work together. As the world faces challenges, may we strive to be cooperative and helpful. May we also be fervent in prayer and trust God for the impossible. Mark 10:27: “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

I would like to encourage you to journal about the large and small acts of God’s faithfulness in your life. A big one for us was getting all our foreign guests safely home. A smaller, but encouraging, event that happened in my life during that time is that one of our bankers called to see how we were. I learned that he and his wife are Christians and we prayed together over the phone. It is good to keep our focus on God’s faithfulness, especially during  challenging times.

(You can read about another wedding miracle in the Bible: John 2:1-11)

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  1. Judy

    Such a blessing, Jorja. We serve a good God!!!.

    • Jorja Stewart

      Yes, God is good, all the time.

  2. Sue Bright

    Really a beautiful testimony to God’s leading and faithfulness!!


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