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The Finch (God’s Faithfulness)

May 20, 2020 | 1 comment

Yesterday, when my husband took the mail out, a finch flew into our house. Tom lost sight of it, so we began the search throughout the house. Finally, Tom spotted the bird frantically trying to fly through the skylight in our vaulted ceiling. We opened the back door, but had to figure out how to get the bird to come down. I suggested we tape our small fish net to a long pole. We did that, and Tom attempted to catch the bird. I was praying, being concerned that we might accidentally crush its delicate legs or a wing. After a few attempts, Tom asked if I wanted to try. I decided to, and the bird finally went into the net. As I pulled it down, the finch flew out of the net and through the open door. I was so thankful God led it to safety!

I’ve heard the comparison before, and you probably have, too, how we’re often like the frightened bird, struggling against God’s attempts to free us. The finch was another reminder of God’s tender care, and how He works through our prayers.

Related Scriptures:

Matthew 18: 12-14 (lost sheep; God cares)

Matthew 6:25-34 (don’t worry; God provides)

Luke 4:18-21 (don’t resist; God desires to set us free)

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1 Comment

  1. Judy Eastman

    Amen. In this crazy time in our country we are all a bit like the Finch. What a beautiful reminder of God’s care, sweet and simple, for each of us!!


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