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Why Serve And Give As A Family?


Would you like your children to become responsible citizens and caring people? One way to foster that is to get them involved in giving of their time and resources. Our family kept a jar that we all put money into during the year and then we’d decide how to use it to help someone at Christmas. We also got involved in a church ministry that took food and clothing to families in Mexico, and we shopped for items to donate to programs like “Love Lift” (which helped local families) and “Samaritan’s Purse” (which provided Christmas presents for children in third world countries).

I have one funny story that came out of a visit to the Love Lift headquarters. Love Lift sorted food and other supplies and sewed bags to put the supplies in. Our daughter Heather watched a woman working at a sewing machine and asked what it was! We all laughed. (Yep, I never enjoyed sewing.)

Regardless of what skills you may or may not have, it’s good to include giving and serving in your family activities.


Questions for meditation and discussion: (1) How does your family give and serve? (2 ) What are some of your most memorable experiences in this area? (3) What challenges have you faced in trying to serve or give as a family?   (4) What is one small (realistic) way you and your husband can think of to serve/give as a family? (5) How will you implement that?

Application homework: Decide with your husband on one service or giving project for your family to do, and do it. How did it go?

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