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Include the Quiet Ones

Sep 15, 2018 | 0 comments

I was once reminded of something I should know, since I’m basically shy myself. Namely, try to invite the less talkative people into conversations.


Generally speaking, I’m fairly quiet. The exception to that is when I’m discussing something I’m excited about. In those moments, I sometimes fail to be sensitive to the quieter people who are present.


My husband, Tom, and I were meeting with another couple to discuss the possibility of them coming to speak at our church. I later learned that Tom felt excluded from that part of the conversation (even though he had participated in the conversation when we were just getting to know each other). I asked him if it would be helpful if, in the future, when I notice he isn’t saying much, to invite him into the conversation by asking his opinion. He said yes.


Some people have no trouble entering into a conversation (at times, even to the point of rudely interrupting someone). But with the less assertive types, we need to be sensitive to their presence and make sure they feel included.

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