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Making Decisions? Seek God First!

Aug 29, 2021 | 0 comments

I’m going to share a mistake I once made and what I was reminded of through that mistake. One Sunday, after the church service, I approached the pastor who oversees small groups and said I was praying about leading a women’s group using the book I published on relationships. He asked, “Why not lead a couple’s study in it?” He was enthusiastic about that idea, said he’d be interested, and suggested I pray about it.

What I should have done is just that! I should have simply said, “Okay, I will pray about your suggestion and get back to you.” I know, now, that God would have re-confirmed my calling to lead women’s groups (not couples).

Alas, here’s how it actually played out (but my merciful, faithful Lord still managed to get through to me, despite my mistake). What I actually said was that I’d give a copy of my book and study guide to him and his wife to look over and he could tell me if he thought it would be good for couples.

Instead of asking God (really asking Him) what He thought, I got excited about the couples idea and actually wrote a study guide for couples and dropped off a copy at the pastor’s house. (God knew it was not necessary for me to burden the pastor and his wife with the task of looking over my materials.) When I spoke with him about two weeks later, I decided to stick with offering a women’s study. He was supportive of that.

God eventually got through to me and showed me that I had gotten caught up in the pastor’s spontaneous enthusiastic idea and sought human in-put rather than God’s!

Reminder lesson: When people ask me to pray about an idea, sincerely seek God first and give Him time to reveal His answer!

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