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Deciding Together


In marriage (and in many relationships), it is important to be sensitive to the other person’s opinions and feelings when discussing things that affect both of us. I am growing in this area, but I still slip up now and then.


Here’s an example of a mistake on my part. Normally, Tom and I simply say “no, thank you” to door-to-door salespeople. But on one particular day, the person at our door was offering a service that sounded good. He wanted to seal the deal on the spot. I consulted my husband and he was hesitant (which should have alerted me to the fact that we needed to post-pone our decision), but unfortunately, I talked him into agreeing. As soon as the salesman left, Tom went on line to read about the company. We decided to cancel the service, but it took a few days to successfully do it. God was merciful to us and because we had cancelled quickly, we were able to get out of the contract. Tom and I agreed that we’ll stick to our policy of simply saying “no” or allowing them to leave literature for us to look at, but no more spontaneous decisions. We need time to pray, discuss, and make sure we’re both at peace about a decision before proceeding.


It’s always wise to discuss ideas with other people and take time to look at options, consider pros and cons, etc. before making decisions. Hasty decisions are rarely good ones.

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