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Missed Blessing

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Recently, a lack of faith caused me to miss an opportunity to bless my husband. He and I had gone out on a date. After we were home, he realized he’d left his wallet behind, and said he’d have to go back for it.

Instantly, the thought came to my mind, “Offer to get it for him.” But before I said anything, some concerns started coming to mind that made me hesitant to make the offer. I remained silent and Tom left.

As soon as he drove off, I realized that I should have just trusted the Lord to help me. Then I would have made the offer. I regretted that I’d missed an opportunity to bless him and demonstrate my love for him, and even more so because it was his birthday.

So, when I feel the urge to do something unselfish, I need to pray for faith (or for whatever help I need), trust God, and go for it!

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1 Comment

  1. Judy Eastman

    Thank you so much for the reminder to always seek to bless others. In blessing them we bless our Heavenly Father and ourselves!!!


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