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Reminders Through a Rose


On Mother’s Day (2015), the children in our church handed roses out to the mothers. The thought process I’m about to describe happened within a few seconds, but it was revealing, never-the-less.

The children had red, white, and pink roses. I liked the deep, rich color of the red ones and was briefly disappointed when I received a pink one. Then I asked God’s forgiveness for my ungrateful heart and felt contentment. A moment later, another child, who had extras, handed me two red roses. I felt God, in His mercy & grace, was responding to my repentant heart. But He had another reminder in store for me. Reminder #1: Be content with what you have and don’t covet what others have.

I put the three roses in a vase and enjoyed them all, but the pink one was the only one that actually bloomed, and it outlasted the red ones by several days. I ended up enjoying the pink one the most. God had given me what I wanted, but once again, I saw that He knows best what will truly satisfy and delight me. Reminder #2: God knows me better than I know myself, and His plans for me far outshine my own. So, trust Him, even in the hard times, and be thankful for His love, and content with His choices for me.


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  1. Judy Eastman

    Happy Mother’s Day, A little late! God is such a precious Father to us. I rejoice with you in your Mother’s Day gifts from the Father of Lights!! My favorite would have been the white roses! Ha! He loves us just the way we are! Praising Him, Judy E.

  2. Rolayne

    Excellent analogy. I think we have all worked hard or hoped for something and received something else instead, do we remember to enjoy it? Do we see that it was better for us?

  3. Lynn Snyder

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights! I needed to be reminded that HE knows what is best for me, too!


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