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Sensitivity Helps Make Decisions

Sep 16, 2018 | 0 comments

In making decisions, it’s good to consider what the Bible says and how others feel. Except in instances where the Bible is black and white on a subject, discerning God’s will is a delicate process and it’s possible to misunderstand Him. In such cases, it’s good to seek guidance in the Bible and from our spouse or trusted friends.


In John 2:19-22, the Jews misunderstood what Jesus meant when He referred to the temple. They thought He meant a building, but He was referring to His body.


In 1983, I had a misunderstanding. God spoke to me in an audible voice (although, I know He really spoke to my mind, not my ears, because I looked over at Tom and Shon nearby and they clearly didn’t hear anything.) I thought the voice said, “You’re pregnant, and your husband will be a Christian soon.” Tom did, indeed, give his life to Christ not long after that, so I assumed I was pregnant, even though the tests and the doctors kept saying I wasn’t. (I ended up getting pregnant two months later.) If I had known the Bible better, I would have realized that I was supposed to follow my husband’s lead, which would have saved us both a lot of embarrassment. Instead, I thought God was testing my faith and wanted me to tell people I was pregnant, so I did. I told a lot of people. God mercifully redeemed the situation, since my heart was in the right place, but I now believe God intended that to be a private journey between my husband and myself.


Whether God speaks to us in a “voice” that we “hear,” or just speaks to our hearts and minds with impressions and ideas, it’s possible to misinterpret what He means. Thus, we must humbly seek guidance through His Word and through those we trust and, if we’re married, we should certainly consult our spouse and prayerfully consider what they have to say! Humility recognizes that, unless something is clearly stated in the Bible, we could be wrong. Humility and sensitivity go hand in hand and are both useful in making decisions.

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