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Calm Your Heart

Sep 16, 2018 | 0 comments

I am learning how important it is when, in a state of panic or anxiousness, to STOP (even sit down, if necessary), PRAY and WAIT for God to quiet my emotions so I can hear what He’s trying to say.


Too often, when I’m in a panic, I’ll shoot up a prayer for help, but then I continue to try to solve the problem myself. Some simple examples are getting locked out of the house, losing the car keys when I’m about to leave for an appointment, or, after receiving an emergency phone call, trying to decide what to pack as I get ready to head out to help.


Sometimes I even turn to humans unnecessarily. One time, I couldn’t get the house door unlocked. I was hot and frustrated. I prayed for help but didn’t allow God to calm me down. After a few more attempts, I called a friend. By the time they got to me, I had the door unlocked, so I inconvenienced them for nothing.


On the other hand, when I STOP what I’m doing, PRAY and WAIT for God’s peace, then I’m in a state of mind to receive the thoughts He’s trying to communicate to me. It works! I’ll hear that still, quiet voice that tells me to push on the door as I turn the key, where to look for the keys, and what to pack before I rush out of town. Or, if I’m simply feeling overwhelmed and anxious, if I give God time, He’ll calm those feelings, sometimes with a love touch like seeing a prism rainbow on the cupboard (which always makes me smile), or a thought to tackle the project a little at a time, or guidance on how to prioritize my activities. In other words, I need to trust Him to provide the help I need and stop trying to solve the problem myself.


So, when faced with negative emotions, I need to STOP, PRAY, and WAIT for God to calm my heart, and then I’ll be more receptive to His guidance.

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