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Don’t Lead When You Should Follow


I learned the hard way that I need to keep focused on what God’s calling me to do, and let others discover what God’s calling them to do. I once had a vision for our son, and my husband and son pursued that vision with me. The problem was, that wasn’t God’s vision for our son, and as a result, it became a source of frustration to all of us, rather than a blessing. I should have recognized the primary problem, but I didn’t. The problem was that I was leading when I should have been following! I was frustrated because I seemed to be doing the majority of the work and the motivating. They were frustrated because they felt I was being pushy. And now I realize that I was, indeed, guilty, because I was trying to motivate (push) them in a direction God wasn’t calling us to! Thankfully, I finally realized I needed to resign as the leader, and once I did, the project came to a halt.


LESSON: Focus on discovering God’s vision for myself, not for other people! I need to let them discover God’s vision for their lives and then follow their lead as to how I can be helpful!

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