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Christmas Message 2015

Dec 15, 2015 | 1 comment

Last Sunday, in church, there were some large impressionistic murals on the stage by the artist who would be speaking at our annual women’s dinner that night. I wasn’t all that impressed, but after hearing his story of Jesus, being told as he painted in the details on his murals, I was very impressed!

That led me to reflect on a number of things. The birth of the Christ child wasn’t very impressive, nor was most of Jesus’ life on earth, but we know that the ending of the story is spectacular!

And so it is with each of our lives. Most days may look pretty unimpressive, but God is carefully painting in the details and the end result will be amazing!

This Christmas season, as we reflect upon the very humble arrival of the Christ child, may we also remember that each of us is a work in progress. May this cause us to look beyond our first impressions of people and see in them all the potential that our glorious Lord has placed in them.

O, come let us adore Him…and love one another!

Merry Christmas!


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1 Comment

  1. Judy Eastman

    Thank you, Jorja. Merry Christmas to you too! our God is sooooo good! Praising Him, Judy E.


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