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Communication: God’s Role and My Role


God continues to teach and remind me of things, such as what’s God’s role and what’s my role in communication. My role is to encourage, clarify, and present. God’s role is to persuade and motivate.


When I am humbly in the Spirit, my role in communication will be to encourage, clarify, and present. I’m encouraging when I come alongside someone in what they’re already motivated to do. I’m clarifying when I ask them questions about their feelings and thoughts. I’m presenting when I calmly and humbly share my ideas either for consideration or just for the purpose of letting someone know where I stand on an issue or how I feel about something. I will be sensitive to, and respectful of, the other person’s perspective.


When my pride takes over and I’m convinced I’m right, then I can become controlling and over-step my boundaries, entering into God’s territory. I might find myself trying to motivate someone to do something I feel they should be doing, or I’ll attempt to persuade them to agree with me. In other words, often without realizing it, I’m trying to take control. God is the only one who can change hearts. He alone can change a person’s beliefs or motivate them to do something. I need to leave those things in His hands and just pray.


I am most guilty of trying to take control with those I love. It is good that I care deeply and want what’s best for them. But it’s wrong when I assume I have the answers and try to get them to do what I think is best. Even if I’m right, I need to let God be the one to reveal that to them. I must beware of giving unsolicited advice and opinions.


I want to up-lift people, not stumble them. God is amazingly patient with me and, by His grace, I want to be equally patient with others. May He empower me to stay within my boundaries!

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