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Compassionate Joy

Jul 10, 2019 | 1 comment

This past year, Tom and I have had the privilege of hosting a 19-year-old German missionary, Michelle. She has been a beautiful role model in compassionate joy. One small way this was in evidence was during our Skip Bo card games. Instead of being competitive, she truly didn’t care if she won and she’d always cheer others on when they played a good hand.

Near the end of her stay, we learned that she sometimes allowed someone else to win. During her last two nights with us, I talked to my husband and Kat (the other missionary who lives with us) and suggested we work as a team to see if we could secretly help Michelle to win. We tried our best, but the cards didn’t play out right. Other people won. However, I noticed how relaxing it was to play when I honestly didn’t want to win.

Each of us have many opportunities to serve and encourage others in both small and large ways. When we do so, we’re more likely to experience peace and joy than when we’re focused on ourselves.

Thank you, Michelle, for being such a great role model of a servant heart. We’ll miss you, but your positive influence will remain with us.

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1 Comment

  1. Judy

    Hi Jorja,

    I so appreciate your take on the attitude of our hearts. We become competitive, its fun, but not sensitive. How much more important to be aware of the hearts in the room. To see them from God’s perspective.
    Thank you for your insights.


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