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Dealing With Disappointments

Jul 11, 2020 | 2 comments

One thing I have been reminded of daily through this Covid pandemic is the importance of surrendering my plans and seeking the Lord’s guidance in all my decisions! The Bible tells us to take one day at a time in an attitude of total surrender to the Lord. I have certainly been getting lots of practice in that!

In re-reading my 1996 journals, I saw that one of my biggest mistakes as a wife and parent was that I often allowed my children to manipulate me because I didn’t want them to be disappointed. Sometimes, I even unintentionally undermined my husband’s authority by trying to persuade him to go along with what the children wanted. The Lord reminded me that disappointment is part of life and we needed to teach our children how to deal with it.

Our heavenly Father’s top priority (once we’re His children through faith in Jesus Christ) is to develop Christ-like character in us. Our happiness is secondary. I’m so thankful He’s wise enough to know when to say “No” to me, and that He can’t be manipulated!

So, the best way I’ve found to deal with disappointments is to choose to believe that God’s ultimately in control and knows what’s best in the long run for me and for those I love. Seek Him, trust Him, and follow Him, expecting that, eventually, good will come out of my disappointments.

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  1. Debbie

    Great reminder of what our loving Father is doing in our lives on a daily basis! Thank you for sharing God’s perfect plans that will result in His and our joy!!

  2. Judy Eastman

    Wonderful observation!!!! Yes, the “pandemic” has allowed us all many opportunities to choose submission to the will of God! What would we do if we didn’t know He has a plan in even this? God is so good!!!


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