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Devotional: God’s Guidance & Peace

Jan 3, 2017 | 2 comments

Words can’t express how much I appreciate God’s guidance in both small and large decisions! Of course, I’m thankful for the guidance He gives in the Bible, teaching me what’s right and wrong morally, and the examples He gives of how to live. But I also appreciate the guidance that comes through His Holy Spirit when I’m feeling overwhelmed or confused. The supernatural peace that fills my soul when I’ve discerned His answer is wonderful beyond description!

One night, I asked God for guidance about something seemingly small: what to do with all my journals. No one but God would understand what I was wrestling with nor would they understand why I was feeling overwhelmed. But He understood and He heard my cry for guidance. I awoke with the answer and was flooded by His supernatural peace.

Then, I opened to the next page in the devotional 101 Hymn Stories and tears of gratitude rolled down my face as I read the words of the hymn “He Leadeth Me” by Joseph Gilmore. That was God’s perfect timing for me to open to that hymn when I was feeling so thankful for His guidance and peace.

I love those little “God touches”, whether it’s opening up to a reading that’s perfectly timed, having a hummingbird or a rainbow appear at the perfect moment, receiving a note of encouragement when most needed, or so many other examples of how He showers us with individualized love gifts. God’s guidance and comfort go hand-in-hand, and I’m so thankful for both!

Questions for meditation:
1. What perfectly timed love touches from God have you experienced recently? Thank Him for those.

2. What decisions has He helped you to make this week? Thank Him for His guidance and peace.

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  1. J eastman

    HAPPY 2017!!! Thank you or your blog articles. The questions for meditation are especially helpful! Giving you credit, I shared the questions from your last entry on my blog for mothers, babies and those who love them. Have a great year!

    • JSadmin

      I pray the questions will be helpful. Have a blessed 2017!


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