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Discussion Questions for Couples


No matter how long we’ve been married, it’s good to intentionally keep learning about our spouse. Since people keep changing, good communication is always important.

I created the following discussion questions for my husband and myself, but perhaps you will find them helpful as well.

I recommend that you discuss them in order, taking one question a month (or at whatever pace works best for the two of you). You and your spouse independently write out your answers, then share them with each other. The next step is to discuss how you will apply what you’ve learned. (Discussion questions won’t accomplish much if you ignore what you’ve learned. How will you change? What will you do differently? What things will remain the same?)

The first question is mainly to help you appreciate each other! May God bless and guide you on your journey!

1a) What things do you feel your spouse does better than you?

b) How do their strengths help you?

2) What things would you enjoy doing with just your spouse?

3) What things would you enjoy doing with your spouse and others?

4) What would you like to achieve in the next 10 years?

5) What do you enjoy spending money on?

6) What are your fears, concerns, and struggles?

7) What types of things overwhelm you or cause you to feel anxious or stressed?

8) What things about the relationship would you like to keep the same? Why?

9a) What things would you like to change?

b) What ideas do you have for accomplishing those changes?

Add whatever additional questions you think would be beneficial to discuss.

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  1. J eastman

    Great food for thought! I am passing them on to my adult children! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!


    • JSadmin

      Happy New Year to you and your family as well! I appreciate your in-put!


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