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How Long, O Lord?


I love psalms like Psalm 13 because I can really relate. In verses 1-4 the psalmist vents. He asks the Lord how long he must wait for the answers to his prayers. He even pours out his emotions–feeling like God has forgotten him (even though he knows He hasn’t). He speaks of wrestling with his thoughts, his emotions (sorrow), and human enemies.

After venting, he asks God to “Look on me and answer…Give light to my eyes…”and to not let his enemies overcome him.

And God answers the first part of that prayer immediately. He opens the psalmist’s eyes to God’s truth, and the psalmist’s attitude changes to one of trust, hope and praise–even though his circumstances haven’t changed yet.

(v.5-6) “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me.”

I love the fact that I can be completely honest with the Lord–I can pour out all my frustrations, hurt, anger, fear–whatever I’m going through–and He patiently listens. Then, when I’m done venting and ask for His help, He brings my focus back to Him and my attitude changes. I know how much He loves me and those I’m praying for, and I can trust and rejoice in His goodness. My circumstances may not have changed, but my perspective has, and with a lighter heart I can go about my day rejoicing. Thank you, Jesus!

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  1. Lynn Snyder

    Ps. 13 is one I appreciate too. I have vs. 5-6 underlined in my Bible. Keep blogging Jorja!

  2. Judy Eastman

    So, so true! Especially when we pray for the salvation of loved ones, for the clarity of His truth in the minds of those away from Him, and for comfort and healing. Yet, it is His timing on which we must wait. His perfect timing!!!

    Praising Him, Judy

  3. karenalmanza

    Thank you for this reminder……John and I have been financially struggling for 3 years (me taking a pay 50 percent pay cut and now John is working sometimes 18 hours a day trying to keep with the bills). I still turn to the Lord but have recently been angry and burdened. Just this past week the Lord told me to change my ways and my attitude about our situation. This post again reminds me to remain faithful when all seems a bit hopeless. …. even after years……The Lord spoke through you my friend….Thanks and hugs!!!!


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