A Gift for Jesus

Many years ago, Anne Graham Lotz was the December guest speaker at a Bible study I attended. One thing she mentioned was that, every year, she asks Jesus what sacrificial gift He would like from her for Christmas. That really struck a chord with me, and I’ve been doing the same ever since.

I can always think of lots of ways I could sacrifice for Jesus, but the Lord usually waits until December to reveal what He wants for Christmas, and it always surprises me. How do I know which of my sacrifices is the gift? For me, it comes as a confirmation from the Holy Spirit. I know beyond all doubt that this is the one.

I’m not going to share the specifics of this year’s gift to Him, but I’ll share generally, because there are lessons to be learned (or re-learned) from it.

The Lord revealed to me that I was being too “pushy” with certain people that I was working with, and thus not being considerate of their needs. So, what He wanted from me was silence and reliance upon prayer in this particular set of circumstances. It was difficult for me, but I surrendered the deadlines and backed off and kept quiet, speaking only to God about my concerns and praying for all the people involved.

Well, it’s impossible to out-bless the Lord! As I kept quiet and prayed, He answered in ways that exceeded my expectations—and He met the needs of everyone involved.

God has once again demonstrated to me that His ways are far superior to mine because He takes everyone’s needs into consideration, whereas I tend to be focused just on my needs or desires. And He has once again demonstrated to me the power of surrendered prayer!

So, this Christmas, as you’re giving gifts to those you love, you might want to include Jesus. I guarantee that as you strive to bless Him, you and others will be doubly blessed!

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  1. judy eastman

    Humbling wonderful idea!!!! I am inspired to do this too! Thank you!!!
    Merry Celebration of Jesus Birth to you and yours!! Judy


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