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Love Protects

Sep 16, 2018 | 0 comments

The Bible says that love protects. (1 Corinthians 13:7)

When love is offended or aggravated, it forgives and is patient and protective. If I’m acting in love, I will protect the other person, even when they offend me. I will not speak negatively about them to someone else. I will keep the offense between the two of us and try to work it out.


If I’m acting in love, I will not reveal their weaknesses and offenses to others. (I am not addressing issues that require professional help, such as physical abuse, addictions, etc. I’m addressing situations where someone hurts my feelings or has habits that I find annoying, etc.)


If I’m acting in love, I will quietly endure the affronts and impositions, trusting the Lord to work things out. (I may lovingly and respectfully talk to the person about my feelings, but if they do not respond favorably, then love calls me to endure patiently and silently until the Lord changes their heart or the situation.)


I have learned that nothing good comes of confronting a person who does not have ears to hear, and it is harmful, not helpful, to say negative things about one person to another. Venting is best done privately with the Lord, or possibly with a trustworthy person who will pray for me and perhaps help me to see the situation from a different perspective.


In conclusion, before I speak or act, I should always pray for guidance. I need to let the Lord’s love, not my emotions, direct me.

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