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Overcoming Selfishness

Sep 16, 2018 | 0 comments

One way to battle selfishness is to remember that God’s love is always considerate of others. I am often very blind to my own selfishness. Once God opens my eyes, I’m appalled at how blind I was.


One example of my selfishness is related to our disabled son’s helpers. At times, I would send them text messages or emails whenever an idea came to me, even if that was when they weren’t on shift with our son. God convicted me of selfishness and gave me a better solution. Now, when an idea comes to me that I don’t want to forget, I write it down and then send it to the helpers when they’re with our son.


Another way to help myself overcome selfishness is to ask my husband’s opinion of my ideas. It’s a lot easier to see other people’s mistakes than it is to see our own. So, if I invite my husband to give his in-put, and humbly listen, I can reduce the number of mistakes that I make.


In conclusion, it is now my goal, when I’m making a decision, to ask myself (and my husband) if I’m being considerate of others. God considers the needs of everyone involved. I need to do likewise.

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