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Poetry: Moments in Nature

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Read the poems like you would a sentence, stopping only at punctuation. But take time to imagine the scene.

Haiku Poem (Moments in Nature, #1)

Prisms of Jack Frost
send winter rainbows dancing
among trees and reeds


Haiku Poem (Moments in Nature, #2)

Golden evening rays:
like giant fireflies dancing
among the lacy pines


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #3)

Warm, golden sunbeams
dance on high mountain tops and
sparkle on the sea


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #4)

A snowy landscape
silent, on a barren branch
one male cardinal


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #5)

Small, determined ant
struggling with its giant load
up the fallen trunk


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #6)

One thin, golden ray
pierces the veil of blackness
on the stormy sea


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #7)

Tireless, drifting sands
exposing some secrets while
covering others


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #8:

Relentless weaver:
forever repairing that
which its prey destroyed


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #9)

One silver flower
spotlighted in the darkness
by a thin moonbeam


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #10)

Gulping greedily
insatiable deserts
devour the rain


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #11)

Amid the charred forest
a budding fern at the base
of a hollowed pine


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #12)

Bright orange ladybug
on the white lily petal
in the emerald pond


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #13):
Blue Heron on the  Lake

Majestic gray fowl
heavy wings slicing the air
deep, echoing cry


Haiku Poem: (Moments in Nature, #14:
Blue Heron in our Fish Pond

Wily predator
stalking our beautiful fish.
Leave us, Blue Heron!

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1 Comment

  1. Rod Randall

    The lines are beautifully written, easy to picture and feel. What a wonderful way to pause and reflect on God’s creation. My favorite from Moments in Nature is #25.


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