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Poetry: Life


Some of  these are in Haiku format (3 lines, 5 syllables in lines one and three, 7 syllables in line two) and others are simply short poems. Read the poems like you would a sentence, stopping only at punctuation. But take time to imagine the scene.

Haiku Poem: (Life, #1)

Fireflies captured
in a child’s jar: reluctant


Haiku Poem: (Life, #2)

Tiny green spider
in my colorful bouquet,
I meant to leave you


Poem: (Life, #3)

Bugs, varied in size,
intrude on my heaven
with their vicious bites.


Haiku Poem: (Life, #4)

Chilling winter winds
frost the barren land and bring
relief from the fleas


Haiku Poem: (Life, #5)

Night surrounds the child,
his face reflecting the glow
of the sparkler’s light.


Haiku Poem: (Life, #6)

Greening grass soaks up
the muddied snow. Spring whispers
and pulses quicken.


Haiku Poem: (Life, #7)

Rainy day people’s
brightly colored umbrellas;
blazing autumn leaves


Haiku Poem: (Life, #8)

Place your hand in mine
child, and know that unicorns
are still possible


Poem: (Life, #9)

A single dew drop
teeming with its life
while mirroring ours


Haiku Poem: (Life, #10):

Silence: the rainstorm
pauses; two silver dewdrops
pierce the charcoal skies


 Poem: (Life, #11)

The tender arms
of a loving mother:
like a hen
gathering her chicks
under her wings.


Poem: (Life, #12)

Tender sunshine
blankets our sleeping child.
His whisper-soft breaths
mingle with the breeze.


Haiku Poem: (Life, #13)

The infant’s fitful
with tender kisses


Haiku Poem: (Life, #14)

Gentle lantern light
dancing with shadows, touching
lovers tenderly


Haiku Poem: (Life, #15)

Tender thoughts of you:
a bed of sun-kissed petals
and whispering leaves


Haiku Poem: (Life, #16)

Father and his son:
tall sturdy oak; young sapling
bending in the breeze


Haiku Poem: (Life, #17)

Our adopted child:
the blessed pearl in a life
filled with empty shells


Haiku Poem: (Life, #18)

The creak of rusty
bed-springs harmonizes with
the chirping crickets


Haiku Poem: (Life, #19)

Sparkling mountain brook
trickling replenishing life
into village dumps


Haiku Poem: (Life, #20)

One long stemmed red rose
in a crystal vase; yellow
daisies in the slum


Haiku Poem: (Life, #21)

Tattered butterfly
alights on a thread bare sleeve
of a frail, old man


Haiku Poem: (Life, #22)

The beggar woman
accepting the child’s flower
gives one in return


Haiku Poem: (Life, #23):

Someone hurled a stone
shattering the silent pond,
my image broken


Haiku Poem: (Life, #24)

One word sings in my
heart. Another pierces it.
Both are immortal.


Haiku Poem: (Life, #25)

Brilliant shooting star:
overwhelmed by its beauty
I forget its death


Haiku Poem: (Life, #26)

Cold, misty morning
the tide’s fingers encircle
sand castle ruins


Haiku Poem: (Life, #27)

For my birthday, not
even a used candle or
a garden flower


Haiku Poem: (Life, #28)

Watery ripples
encircle our reflections.
We think of our son.


Haiku Poem: (Life, #29)

Broken windows, weeds
chin high, empty rocking chair
creaking in the wind


Haiku Poem: (Life, #30)

Tin soldiers rusting
in the tall grass. Paper dolls
blowing in the wind.


Haiku Poem: (Life, #31)

My heart skips a beat:
I thought I heard the whistling
of my dead father


Haiku Poem: (Life, #32)

Dainty figurines
once so carefully dusted
now stand in cobwebs


Haiku Poem: (Life, #33)

Forgotten athlete
passes the unmarked grave of
a man now famous


Haiku Poem: (Life, #34)

Faded photographs
stir the old man’s memories
his eyes and pants wet


Haiku Poem: (Life, #35)

Bright colored flowers
parade over forgotten
ancient battlefields


Haiku Poem, (Life, #36)

Elusive mirage
white, parched skeletons surround
the false oasis


Haiku Poem: (Life, #37)

I watch the icebergs
so like his father, showing
only the surface


Haiku Poem: (Life, #38)

Wishing for a friend
I hear the empty echo
of my penny’s splash


Haiku Poem: (Life, #39)

The clock’s tick echoes
through the vast, empty chambers
of my darkened soul.


Haiku Poem: (Life, #40)

Husband, father, friend
bountiful as his garden
is his endless love


Haiku Poem: (Life, #41)

A quilted blanket
wrapped about me this wintry
night: my father’s love

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