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Tailored Grace

Feb 10, 2016 | 1 comment

In 1991, Forest Home Christian Conference Center hosted the first of three annual conferences for Parents of Special Needs Children. At first, Tom and I weren’t planning to attend because we felt we were dealing with our son’s disability fine. However, the director told us they’d love to have some parents with a positive attitude to give in-put. So we decided to go in the hopes of being a blessing, but we also ended up being blessed.

While we were there, we met parents whose children had a vast array of disabilities. As we listened to their stories of what they were dealing with, Tom and I each thought, “Wow, Shon’s problems are nothing compared to their children’s. I don’t know how they handle it.” So we were startled when a few of those parents told us they didn’t know how we could handle Shon’s challenges!

Then it hit me: God gives each of us the necessary grace to handle our trials in life. Other people’s trials look monumental to us because we haven’t been given the grace for those. God tailors our trials, and gives us the appropriate grace, according to His purposes for each of us. I don’t have the grace for your trials, and you don’t have the grace for mine. But what all of God’s children can experience is the fact that His amazing grace is sufficient for each of us!

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1 Comment

  1. Judy Eastman

    HI Jorja, Isn’t our heavenly Father incredible??? He promises to give Us what we need. And He does just that!! This is an incredible revelation!! Even after walking with the Lord all these years His taylor made care of each of us is still amazing!! Judy


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