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The Wonder of Christmas (2016)


I love seeing the world through the eyes of young children, especially this time of year. The littlest things delight them and fill them with wonder, and their multitude of questions are born out of honest curiosity, not defensiveness. They’re also very trusting. It’s easy to see why Jesus encouraged us to come to Him like little children.

I also marvel at the everyday miracles the Lord does in my heart, helping me to look beyond myself to Him and others. He blesses me in innumerable ways, both small and large. Yes, He helps me find lost items in my house and reminds me of things I need to attend to. He also comforts me in my grieving times, encourages me when I’m discouraged or afraid, listens quietly as I “vent” my frustrations to Him, strengthens me in my trials, and gives me a positive perspective on life.

I’m so thankful for the greatest miracle of all, and I truly am in awe of the fact that Almighty God, the Creator of the entire universe, would lay aside all His splendor, come to earth as a baby in humble circumstances, and then die a tortuous death just so I can have fellowship with a holy God. His love is beyond comprehension. I can only fall on my knees in humble gratitude and praise Him.

May you experience the wonder of His love this Christmas and always!

O, come, let us adore Him! Jesus Christ, the Lord!

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  1. J eastman

    Thank you so much, Jorja. Our God is so good!!! At this time of year it is such a blessing to stop and remember. Yes, our Lord and Savior, the creator humbled Himself. It is astounding, truly unbelievable that He would do this for me. Let the wonder of it all never cease to amaze !!!

  2. Joyce



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