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Missed Blessing

Recently, a lack of faith caused me to miss an opportunity to bless my husband. He and I had gone out on a date. After we were home, he realized he'd left his wallet behind, and said he'd have to go back for it. Instantly, the thought came to my mind, "Offer to get it for him." But before I said...

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From Anxiety to Praise

When distressing situations come up, I need to remember to pray for a calm spirit and for insight into what God's doing. Here's an example of God's faithfulness in an anxiety provoking situation: I was taking my husband, Tom, to the airport. I was scheduled to take the same exact flights in a...

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Sandpaper People

Have you ever had people in your life who annoy you? I have. I call them my "sandpaper people" because I know God's using them to sand the rough edges off of me. God's goal is to make me more like Jesus: full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and...

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God’s Faithfulness In Our Mistakes

I believe that the only "failure" in life is if we fail to learn from our mistakes and change for the better. God is eager to redeem our mistakes by teaching us valuable lessons. So, when we make a mistake, instead of asking God why He allowed it, we should ask Him what He wants us to learn from...

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Making Decisions? Seek God First!

I'm going to share a mistake I once made and what I was reminded of through that mistake. One Sunday, after the church service, I approached the pastor who oversees small groups and said I was praying about leading a women's group using the book I published on relationships. He asked, "Why not...

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Quiet Faith

I am learning that the more I trust the Lord and rely on the power of prayer, the better my relationships with others will be. For example, I will be less likely to give potentially hurtful unsolicited advice if I trust that God is watching over the people I'm praying for. Also, if I trust God to...

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A Word for the Hurting

We all have our emotionally stable times and our hard times. A friend reminded me that when the emotional times come, don't assume that means your faith is weak. It just means you are hurting. Jesus is the supreme example of that. He certainly knew how much his Father loved him, and he knew before...

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Dealing With Disappointments

One thing I was reminded of daily through the Covid pandemic was the importance of surrendering my plans and seeking the Lord's guidance in all my decisions! The Bible tells us to take one day at a time in an attitude of total surrender to the Lord. I certainly got lots of practice in that! In...

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When in Doubt, Pray

There are some lessons I need to be frequently reminded of. One of those is to take time to pray when I'm unsure about something. A typical example is that I'll be writing to someone and I'm about to say something, but then I wonder if I should. I may think I have very good reasons for why I...

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Disappointment is usually the result of unmet expectations. I re-learned some valuable lessons when we took our son, Shon, to Branson, Missouri in 2013. Tom and I first visited Branson in October of 2012. The whole time we were there, I kept thinking, Shon has to experience this! It was everything...

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