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God’s Grace in Grief

Apr 16, 2015 | 5 comments

Deuteronomy 29:29 “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of the law.”

The things God has revealed in the Bible are for all of us to know: His character, His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, His promises, and even some glimpses into the future. But there are many things that God alone understands. Those are the things where we must have faith in His loving goodness, trusting that He has good reasons. And sometimes, it is His will, through the Holy Spirit, to give us insights when we least expect them.

Our daughter Kristy and her husband have a 2 year old son and a one year old daughter. They are preparing to move overseas. On March 18th, they learned Kristy was pregnant. On March 21st, she believed she had miscarried and mourned. April 2nd, she was rushed to the hospital. Her ectopic pregnancy had ruptured. They removed her right fallopian tube. March & April are normally times of celebration for us, with family birthdays & Easter, so this was a bitter-sweet time for all of us.

On March 28th, Heather learned she was pregnant with Joshua’s & her first child. On Easter, April 5th, she suspected she was miscarrying. April 7th, the miscarriage was confirmed. Thankfully, hers was a normal miscarriage and everything looks good. But the grieving process began.

Kristy had a strong desire to name their child. She & Jonathan chose “Hope”. (I told her I felt Hope would be an appropriate name for either sex in heaven.)

Heather had always wanted Kristy & her to raise their children together, but with the up-coming plans for their move, it looked like that wasn’t to be. Now, however, her child & Kristy’s are forever together in heaven. Heather & Joshua named their baby “Faith”, because Hope & Faith go together.

I had no trouble seeing & believing God would give them testimonies out of this heartache, and develop our faith & character, but I’d decided I’d never understand, this side of heaven, God’s purpose in the timing. Why did this happen in a month that’s full of birthdays and family gatherings? But I knew God was under no obligation to explain that to me, and I didn’t even ask. I just told Him I trusted that He had a good reason.

On April 15th, during my Bible reading, the thought came to me that the timing had nothing to do with birthdays, but with Good Friday (April 3) and Easter (April 5). We were all experiencing the death & resurrection of Jesus in a very real way! And indeed, our Hope & Faith are growing in our hearts as well as in heaven! God is good, all the time–in joy & in sorrow.

P.S. On April 18th, we attended a fundraiser for a foster care children’s camp. Among the things we purchased were two Teddy Bears that will be given to two of the foster children at camp. We named the bears Hope & Faith, in honor of our grandchildren, and pray the recipients will experience God’s loving presence.


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  1. Judy Eastman

    Dear Jorja,

    I am so sorry to hear of the losses in your family. There are no words. These precious children will be missed. Faith and Hope are beautiful and vey meaningful names. Know you are all in our prayers in this time of mourning.


    • JSadmin

      Thank you. God bless you!

  2. carin howard

    What a precious testimony to the loving wisdom of our Heavenly Father. May the grief you and your loved ones are experiencing be comforted by the faith and hope you have in the future of spending eternity together.

  3. Debbie

    My heart just sank when I read your email. As always, your writings are beautifully received from the Lord. I am praying for your family that God will comfort them and help you and Tom guide them through all of this. Our God loves us more than we can ever measure. I am praying that you all feel that great love now.

    • JSadmin

      Thank you. The Lord is, indeed, carrying and comforting us.


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