Interject Only When Necessary (Love is not Rude)

One evening, I was working at the desk while my husband and another man were talking nearby. At one point, I thought my husband said something that wasn’t quite accurate, and I corrected him. (Actually, I just heard him wrong.) He said, “You’re eavesdropping” and I said, “I’ll shut up,” and I did, because he was right. (I later apologized to him for my rudeness.) I had no right to jump into the conversation uninvited.


This reminded me of two important lessons:

  • Remain silent when I have not been invited into a conversation!
  • Even when I am part of a conversation, I need to prayerfully discern whether or not it’s really necessary for me to correct someone.


I have heard it said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” I could add, ignore the small stuff if it isn’t significant. It is more important to be considerate of the other person’s feelings. Love is polite, not rude.

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