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The Power of Surrender and Prayer


I once discovered that I can save myself a lot of time by humbly seeking a second opinion! Something had come up that caused me to be concerned, and I was praying for guidance on whether or not to send a letter to someone addressing those concerns. I could have spent a lot of time debating the pros and cons in my mind, but instead, I asked my husband to read the letter and give me his opinion. He simply read it and said, “Let’s pray,” and we prayed together for God’s guidance. Within about thirty seconds of that prayer, I had my answer, and I tore up the letter. I could now see clearly what was wrong with it.


I was able to discern God’s will because I had surrendered my plan and genuinely came to Tom for guidance, rather than just seeking his approval of my plan.


Too often, in the past, when I asked Tom’s opinion, I actually just wanted him to approve of my idea. Sometimes I would even try to persuade him to my point of view, which would only frustrate both of us. There’s no point in asking someone for their opinion if I’ve already decided on a course of action and am not open to changing directions.


In this particular situation with the letter, Tom never did state his opinion, he just prayed with me. But when I told him I’d torn up the letter, he simply said he agreed.


Whenever I’m in doubt about something, I should wait and continue to seek guidance. Joining with another person in prayer is a powerful weapon for breaking through the fog of confusion. And even if I feel at peace about something, it’s wise to run the idea by another trusted person, especially my husband, who knows me so well.


May the Lord continually help me to surrender my ideas and humbly seek guidance.

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