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Do I Love Him Enough?

How much I'm willing to sacrifice for someone depends upon how much I love them (or how much I love Jesus). Selfishly, I like what's most convenient and comfortable for myself. For me to step out of my comfort zones, I have to ask myself if I truly trust God enough to meet my needs, and if I'm...

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Christmas Message 2015

Last Sunday, in church, there were some large impressionistic murals on the stage by the artist who would be speaking at our annual women's dinner that night. I wasn't all that impressed, but after hearing his story of Jesus, being told as he painted in the details on his murals, I was very...

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Reminders Through a Rose

On Mother's Day, the children in our church hand roses out to the mothers. The thought process I'm about to describe happened within a few seconds, but it was revealing, never-the-less. The children had red, white, and pink roses. I liked the deep, rich color of the red ones and was briefly...

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God’s Grace in Grief

Deuteronomy 29:29 "The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of the law." The things God has revealed in the Bible are for all of us to know: His character, His plan of salvation through Jesus...

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Let the Lord Serve You

At the last supper, when Jesus knelt to wash Peter's feet, Peter objected. But when the Lord said it was necessary, Peter allowed it. At a recent Good Friday service, I was not even as obedient as Peter. In one of my Bible studies, we've been taking the perspective of seeing Jesus in every person,...

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From Brokenness to Surrender

I love the assurance in Philippians 1:6 that Christ will finish the work He has started in me. He won't give up on me, even when I'm ready to give up. He's right there, always encouraging, guiding, forgiving and loving. To experience His love fully, however, I need to recognize my powerlessness....

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New in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17-21)

Jesus said the truth would set us free (John 8:31), but in order for that to happen, the truth has to go beyond mere intellectual assent and enter into our soul and emotions. This requires prayerful meditation and periodic reminders. The following is one such meditation, and I pray all God's...

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Christmas Reflections

"They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness." Psalm 145:7 As we gather with family and friends this season, I'm so thankful for the greatest gift of all: Jesus Christ! I've recently been reading in the book of Leviticus and I'm so thankful we no longer have...

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Transparent, Transforming Love

There are many things, negative and positive, that motivate us to try to change: guilt, fear, anger, pride, a desire to be healthy or to improve at something, etc. Operating under those motivations may work for awhile, but sooner or later we'll burn out and give up. Think of how many New Years...

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How Long, O Lord?

I love psalms like Psalm 13 because I can really relate. In verses 1-4 the psalmist vents. He asks the Lord how long he must wait for the answers to his prayers. He even pours out his emotions--feeling like God has forgotten him (even though he knows He hasn't). He speaks of wrestling with his...

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